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Site supervision 4.0


Gruner AG
Andreas Wirz, CDO
Andreas Wirz

As an interface between the planned and the real, between theory and practice, the focus is often on the construction process. Project management poses a major challenge and requires considerable skill, knowledge and expertise. How can digital development help in this area?

Benefits of digital site supervision tools

Communication, data storage (plans or documents) as well as a lack of transparency are usually the main causes of conflict. This results in financial damages to all participants. The efficiency and reputation of the entire construction industry are diminished.

Site supervision tools address this problem and offer centralized data storage for pending matters, tasks, plans and documents. This isn’t fundamentally new, but the quality of the tools, coupled with their accessibility via smartphone or tablet, as well as better and more self-explanatory user interfaces have made these applications productive to use.


Wide selection, digital integration

Products like Autodesk BIM 360, Dalux and Acconex offer a wide range of options with varying detailed characteristics.
All these tools are cloud applications that take advantage of complete integration and are certified according to international safety standards.

Everything under control

Tools like this give project managers a simple overview of all tasks and pending matters for each specialist area. They can track and assess all communications between the participating contractors and specialist planners. In addition, automatic updates ensure that the latest information required for the implementation is always available.

If a building or system model exists, site inspections and approvals can be carried out directly for each element. This means that site supervisors always know the status of the inspection and approval of all construction elements. The use of models at the construction site must be learned. Currently, our experts often encounter a lack of understanding or general refusal when it comes to working with models.


What does Gruner do?

Our site supervisors in general planning, building services, structural design and infrastructure already use a variety of site supervision tools. Each day, our site supervisors learn how to better use these tools to achieve an improved and more understandable project quality for our customers.