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A Gruner specialist

tests unreleased Revit functions


Gruner Ltd
Hu Zhao,  Dr. sc. ETH
hu[punkt]zhao [ät] gruner[punkt]ch

At the “Inside the Factory” (ITF) event in Munich, Hu Zhao, a digitalization specialist in the BIM team at Gruner, was able to test new, as yet unreleased functions of Revit 2020, along with 12 other participants from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This was the first ITF event that Autodesk has held in Europe, to which it invited specialists from 13 German-speaking companies.

We asked Hu Zhao three questions about this event:



What did you find most exciting?
During the event I had the opportunity of testing various brand-new, unreleased functions of Revit – that was really exciting. I also gained a deeper insight into the workflows behind software development.
In addition, I enjoyed the various roles we all played: to begin with, we were employees of different companies. Next, we were the audience during the demo presentation for the new functions of Revit. Then we were the specialists – during the test we were working to strict guidelines and had to try to make the system crash. After the testing phase, we reported the bugs, taking on the role of software testers. During the discussion, we saw things from the customer’s perspective. Last but not least, we had dinner together as friends.

Were you able to learn from each other as participants?
Absolutely. The participants all came from various fields within the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industries. We shared our experiences with Revit and other BIM software.

Why do we need this kind of event?
In my view, there is still a gap between suppliers of BIM software and AEC companies, i.e. between software experts and AEC experts. This type of communication and shift in perspective can help bridge this gap and make BIM better.

More information about the event (in German).