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Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Site supervision 4.0

Connecting all parties involved in the construction to defined data stores supports efficient communication and prevents misunderstandings.

We offer our clients and project partners shared digital platforms. This ensures all implementation documents are centrally available and can be viewed by the project participants at any time.

The mobile availability of models offers ongoing support in the understanding of complex spatial relationships. Centrally managed to-do lists create transparency around the division of tasks. Digital information exchange promotes cooperation at all levels.

Digital modeling

At the center of applications on the digital construction site is the digital twin - the virtual representation of buildings, systems or infrastructure. This allows us to test ideas far in advance of their implementation and to examine the effects of altered planning parameters and framework conditions together with our clients, creating an accurate basis for informed decisions.

Our experts in general planning, building services, construction, infrastructure and all specialty areas receive targeted BIM training. They combine their many years of experience in the real construction world with the modeling of buildings, systems and infrastructure.

Visualization, augmented reality, virtual reality

The visualization of complex relationships is key to efficient communication between all parties involved in the planning and construction process. Our specialists rely heavily on the visualization of spatial as well as complex planning and technical challenges. Communication at the construction site is supported by a 3-D representation.

The construction project is presented to building clients, authorities, the media and involved residents in an easy to understand virtual form.

BIM know-how

In order to successfully implement BIM (building information modeling) in a project, in-depth knowledge of the BIM process and the structuring of information across all phases of construction planning are required. In addition, expertise in the construction process itself is essential.

Because only if the real world coincides with the digital world does BIM result in added value: higher planning quality, better solutions and more efficiency.

Our experts in general planning, building services, construction and infrastructure all have extensive knowledge of the various construction processes and are trained in the application of BIM. The Gruner BIM team applies cutting-edge findings and methods to every project. This combination of field-tested experience and the latest BIM know-how is the key to successful BIM projects.

Digital con­struc­tion & law

Legal issues are becoming increasingly important in the planning and construction process. Our specialists combine engineering and construction expertise with legal know-how.

We assist our clients in thoroughly and quickly assessing the impact of decisions and specific challenges in projects.

Digitization of bu­si­ness proces­ses

As a company in the planning and construction industry, we continuously implement the digitization of the involved processes ourselves.

With digital solutions for all business processes, we constantly improve the quality of our decisions, steadily increase our customer focus and streamline our own processes.

For this, we have put together a dedicated business team.

3-D surveying throughout the con­struc­tion period

Whether with laser scanning, photogrammetry or a tachymeter - our specialists choose the right method for the 3-D surveying of buildings.

With our many years of experience in 3-D surveying, we carry out precise and efficient quality analyses and production controls on new buildings. The plans prepared by us provide independent documentation of the target/actual comparison. During construction, the implementation and progress monitoring can be documented.

Solutions for complex tasks

Digital twin simulation

Digital twins make it possible to differentiate and shed light on fresh solutions and connections.

Our specialists combine various technologies and tools for the analysis of variants in infrastructure and building construction - and that across the entire building life cycle. Simulations are used in geotechnics, fire safety, security, traffic, building environmental control, fire resistance testing of construction elements and the combination of all the above.